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Fire Security

We are also are also giving firefighting solutions to the building as well not only in the form of fire cylinders but also for the installation of modern FM 200 and M3 systems as well.


CCTV cameras

Cartivo International not work only in the
field of elevators it has it ways in diversified field we have our name in the field of



Our elevator services are the foundation of our organization. We invest wholeheartedly in maintaining the standards of our organization was established on by bringing a degree of care and consideration that has gotten away from our industry.

Mission Statement


We believe in success attained through quality and standards at all terms, time and costs achieving unquestionable quality, unbent determination and sky high moral. Improvement in profit is auxiliary what really is mandatory is the satisfaction of the client. We are extremely focused on delivering the shareholder’s value through the achievement of sustainable capital sufficient and profitable long-term growth. As a conscious corporate citizen, we intend to play our role in the technological sectors of the country seeking perfection.



In recent years the world has witnessed great development in the field of industry, especially computer and software industry, which contributed to a clear and significant progress that has happened in all the other sectors. And also appeared giant buildings and skyscrapers that need to become style makes navigating between floors easy, flexible and fast.

Here appears the role of computer and software to solve this problem and in cooperation with the sector to another in solving this problem, where he discovered the elevator.

In this presentation, we will find out how these ubiquitous machines move you from floor to floor. We’ll also look at the control systems that decide where the elevator goes and the safety systems that prevent catastrophes.

The elevator is a type of vertical transport equipment that efficiently moves people or goods between floors (levels, decks) of a building or other structures. Elevators are generally powered by electric motors that either drive traction cables or counterweight systems like a hoist

Elevator control system uses Systems that are Real-time, Distributed, and embedded, real time computer system is a computer system in which the correctness of the system behavior depends not only on the logical results of the computations, but also on the physical instant at which these results are produced, embedded computer system is a system that uses a computer as a component, but whose prime function is not that of a computer (use software in hardware).

Responsibility Of Corporate

On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled and demoralized.

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Advanced Safety Systems


Elevators also have electromagnetic brakes that engage when the car comes to a stop. The electromagnets actually keep the brakes in the open position, instead of closing them. With this design, the brakes will automatically clamp shut if the elevator loses power.


Elevators also have automatic braking systems near the top and the bottom of the elevator shaft. If the elevator car moves too far in either direction, the brake brings it to a stop.


If all else fails and the elevator does fall down the shaft, there is one final safety measure that will probably save the passengers. The bottom of the shaft has a heavy-duty shock absorber system — typically a piston mounted in an oil-filled cylinder. The shock absorber works like a giant cushion to soften the elevator car’s landing.

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A large professional elevator enterprise that helps you in designing, production, installation and after-sales services.



    About Us


    Cartivo International Elevators is offering a diverse range of products and services in the elevator and escalator industry to the valued customers. The head office of the company is in Lahore and the services are being offered throughout Pakistan.

    We are providing the world class energy-efficient elevators and escalators with cost-effective prices. Nothing is important for us than providing the best services to our clients.

    We are fully aware of the fact that the clients require good after sale services and timely maintenance of the products.